Saturday, October 25, 2008

Moving at the Speed of Life, We are Bound to Collide With Each Other

One bright day, a woman came into my store. She was a very nice women, but she looked tired and stressed. She explained that her brother was getting married in Las Vegas, and she was driving down to be there. She had come from the city next to my city, and said that her back hurt so bad in that 10 minutes that she had to stop and get a lumbar support really fast. Her husband and kids were patiently waiting in the mini-van. I gave her some options, she chose two, took them out to her van to test them, found one that worked, purchased it, and left.

A few minutes later she came in, looking even more tired and even more stressed. "You don't happen to know who owns that white car in the parking lot, do you?" She asks. Um, you mean Jasmine? "Yes I do, that's my car actually." She had backed up into it. I was stunned that she had come back in to tell me. Kudos to her!! Way to be honest.

She gave me her insurance card, I quickly made a copy, told her it was no problem, don't worry about it, have a safe trip, and sent her on her way. Later that day Drek called the insurance companies and went and got a quote from a repair shop. She only hit the front right side, and she didn't hit it very hard. There were a few small scratches, a dent, and a very broken-in-half light.

I'm thinking the only thing we HAVE to fix is the light. Sure there is a tiny dent, yeah it got scratched up, but who cares? Jasmine doesn't really compete in car shows or anything. I just hoped the light wouldn't cost too much. I was thinking $100, maybe $50, not to much, but in my experience, all car parts are overpriced.

SEVEN DOLLARS!!!!! That's it. $7 to fix the light. Oh, and $200 to replace the panel to fix the dent. $200 to repaint and $400 for labor. Insane.

Their insurance company sent us a check for $807. Seriously? Insurance will pay for such frivolous things but not for my IUD? Crazy. At least Jasmine is well taken care of. Poor baby.

So Drek took poor, traumatized Jasmine into the shop and the guy informed him that the break lights were all burnt out, and oh, did you know your registration expired two weeks ago?? Sigh.

Apparently her tinting is too dark, and now illegal, and they told us they would peel it off so she could pass safety and emissions, but they. . . got lazy? Forgot? Actually did and you just can't tell? Oh well, she passed. All taken care of!! Jasmine is now back to her gorgeous, legally registered self.

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