Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Crazy 8's

8 Things I’m passionate about

My religion
Saving the planet
Movie Trailers

8 Things I want to do before I die
Spend weeks, at the very least, in Egypt
Go skydiving
Go Hang gliding
Go Scuba Diving
Run a Marathon
Write a Novel
Reach my goal weight
Leave my mark on the world

8 Things I do now
Create dinners
Hang out with friends
Watch movie trailers
Love my husband

Things I can not do
THERE IS NOTHING I CANNOT DO!!! (If I want to do it)

8 Things I often say
"Thank you for calling (insert store here). How can I help you?"
"What brings you into the store today?"
"Well, there you go"
"Oh, crap"
"I lost my phone/keys/car/mind"

8 Favorite foods
Fresh Fruit
Fresh Mozzarella Pasta Penna
Pineapple curry
Dried fruit in milk
Spinach, Mushroom and eggs wrapped in a crepe and topped with Hollandaise sauce
Potatoes and egg burrito with green salsa
The tacos we got from the taco stand in Mexico

Sixth Tag

This is the sixth picture in the sixth folder of my pictures:

It is taken by Xirax, my favorite photographer. This is my amazing husband getting ready to spring up and snatch the Frisbee out of midair!! Actually, this picture was taken before we were married.

And now I'm supposed to tag seven people and make them post on their blogs the seventh picture from their seventh file of pictures. So, if you read this, I have just tagged you.

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