Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Request the Cone of Silence

The past two days have been fantastic!! I have been having the time of my life.

Monday night Drek took me to a movie. The dollar theater was only playing two movies we had any interest in, and one was slightly more interesting than the other. We saw Get Smart, which was not as funny as I was hoping, but it was still pretty funny, and defiantly worth the $3 we paid to see it. Also, I love watching movies with Drek. He is amazing.

Tuesday work was great. I did Medical Marketing and got a lot done, and then I came back to the store which was fairly busy. It was great! I was picked up by Krisling, Natebot, and Toby. I adore Toby, have I said that already? He is such a cute kid. Anyway, Kris and Nate and I went out to dinner and were served by Deth!! No, really, our waiter's name was Deth. It was kind of scary. The jokes were endless.
We tried to go see Ghost Town, but I was too tired in the end and made Krisling take me home.

Wednesday was the best day I have had in a very long time. I got up early and went running. It has become too cold outside to run outside for long periods of time, to I ran to my mother's house to work out on the treadmill. Before I did, I woke up my cousin who, oh, did I mention? MOVED TO UTAH I AM SO EXCITED YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I ran on a treadmill and she biked on a bike and it was great.
I went home and cleaned the whole house until it sparkled. I then went back to my mom's house, did laundry and helped my cousin move in. I was so productive!! All this by 11am. I went back home, cleaned some more, then Krisling came and picked me up. We picked up my cousin and went off to enjoy copious amounts of Sushi. Toby, we discovered, loves bathing in sticky rice. We had such a great time enjoying sushi and watching Toby enjoy his rice-bath, that we missed the movie. Again. So we went to the mall walked around. Kris bought me some crazy-yummy smelling had sanitizer. It makes me want to eat my hands. NOM!!! Krisling got a new phone. My new phone is still coming. My current phone is very broken. Oh, and lost.

We went home, I finished laundry and hung out with Drek until that night when Rissy, Ismael and Michelle came over to drink hot chocolate, work on homework, and do a schizophrenic, cross-gender version of how to host a murder. It was hilarious.

I went to bed exhausted, but oh-so happy!! Best. Day. Ever.

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