Wednesday, July 07, 2010

You've Got to Find a Direction! You've... Oh, Er... By the By, Which Direction is This Castle of Yours? I Think North, the Other Way

And thus our brief but wonderful time living in Burgville is drawing to a close. We are moving in less than two weeks. Where are we moving? Yeah, we don't really know yet. Yikes.

In June we flew to SunLand to get the lay of land, look for apartments, meet with Realtors and maybe buy a house. We had a very busy, very great time, and even took Ash to see the ocean. While there, we visited a few apartments we will not be staying at and saw a lot of houses before we decided not to buy. Yeah, so the trip wasn't as productive as we had hoped, but now we can say we've actually been to the town we are going to live in for the next five plus years.

As soon as I got home, I searched the Internet for apartments to rent. The plan is to rent with a short lease so we can take our time buying a home. I've found a few places that look good, I've called them and talked to them, but now I have to make a decision and send the people money, which I am worried about doing because I have never seen these apartments so how do I know they are livable and how do I know it isn't a scam? Sigh.

When we moved to Burgville I had two weeks to pack. It was a frantic mess. This time I figured I would need two weeks, we saved all the boxes, a lot of stuff is still packed, and I have two babies instead of one (long story).

So I started packing on Monday. I packed a little more on Tuesday, and today I am looking around wondering what else to pack. I'm...done. I still have the kitchen and the bedroom, but those have to wait until a few days before. Everything else is packed. Wow. That was easy.

The best part is we have professional movers coming out, taking all the boxes and furniture out of each bedroom, loading it on the truck, driving the truck to our new place and unloading for us. It's the best way to move. I don't even have to move all the boxes to one room. We don't need to worry about renting a truck, asking people to help move boxes, or anything. The only thing we need to worry about is giving the movers an address to unload. Maybe I should get on that...

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