Sunday, June 27, 2010

And You Are? Giselle. Oh, Giselle! We Shall be Married in the Morning!

Last Saturday Drek's cousin got married, we went to the reception and had a lot of fun. I walked up to the serving table and saw these little brown balls on the end of toothpicks.
"Oh! Brownie Balls!" I said and thought was a great and delicious idea it was. I went inside the house and took care or the two little babies. Drek went out to get a plate of food. He came back in with one of the brownie balls as wells as some fruit and other things. We sat next to each other and since I had my hands full, he fed me fruit (best husband ever). After the fruit was gone, he held up the brownie ball for me to eat. I went for it, he moved it back. I went for it again, he moved it back. I gave him a look. He smiled and held it out for me again. Right before I took a bite he said "So, I guess I should tell you that this isn't brownie, it's meat."

Ah. Dead-animal-carcass-on-a-stick is so much less fun than chocolate-on-a-stick. I'm glad Drek told me though, that was very nice of him. He's come along way from hiding bits of meat inside the macaroni noodles.

Yesterday Drek's other cousin got married. At her reception, there were harmless cream puffs.

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