Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well My Days of Not Taking You Seriously are Certainly Coming to a Middle

I've been staying at my in-laws house since my race. My little niece and nephew are here and need some love and attention so I've been taking care of three babies under two. It's an adventure.

My nephew is six months, my baby turned nine months today. They look nothing alike. Ash is taller, Jo has more hair. Ash has blue eyes, Jo has HUGE brown eyes. Ash looks like a little porcelain doll, Jo looks like an old man. Ash is all cheeks and lips, Jo is all eyes and forehead. Ash has two teeth, Jo is toothless. And also Ash is pale and Jo is black. Like, Ash is white and Jo is African American. The two may be cousins, but you can't find any similarities.

I mention this because today I was carrying one in each arm when we walked into a restaurant. The girl behind the counter smiled at the babies (they are adorable. I love having my arms full of cute) and says
"Oh! Are they twins?"

I didn't really know what to say. I just stood there, thinking if that was even possible. I think it is.

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