Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Know The Road is Long, But Where You Are Is Home

Aaaaaaaaand we're here! Here in SunLand!

By the time Drek came home on Thursday I had packed most of the house up into out banana boxes. Halfway through packing I realized I needed easy access to all the already packed boxes, so I arranged them in easy-to-get-to rows. And then. . . well, I'm a nerd. Need I say more?
I built a fort. It rocked.

We loaded the truck on Friday (I loaded most of the boxes myself, mei-mei and her roommate and her friend came over to help load the rest of the boxes and the furniture. Toshi came to help with the last bit. It really didn't take very long), we drove to hometown on Saturday, drove to a casino with a rollercoaster on Sunday (it was a really, really, fun roller coaster) and we drove in to Sunland Monday morning. We spent the day frantically looking for an apartment, then found an apartment and spent the rest of the day frantically trying to get cash to buy a money order so we could pay our deposit. Blec.

We got a hotel for the night while the apartment finalizes our paperwork. We can move in about an hour. Hooray!! So, I think everything went fairly well. The babies survived, Acouchi survived (barely. She is so very angry) and the truck is not on fire. All that means success, right?

The apartment is nice, the area is really nice, and there is a park right next to the apartment. There are also a lot of stores close by so I hope I can get away with walking everywhere! We signed a lease for six months, so we have six months to buy a house!

The important thing is we're all together and alive, and still smiling.

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