Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Drek's company just sent him an email saying the movers are no longer an option. That's right. we no longer have people or a truck to move us. The solution they proposed? U-haul. They're suggesting I drive two children sixteen hours in a car by myself, and Drek drive a U-Haul with Acouchi for, oh yeah, SIXTEEN HOURS!!!!! Um, it's less than two weeks and you're telling us NOW?? Hey, Drek's company, maybe you should pass these tidbits of info along, since apparently you've known for TWO MONTHS.

But that's not the problem. The problem is now I have to ask for help. I HATE that. I HATE trying to get people to help load the truck. hate Hate HATE!!! Why do I hate it? Because it never works!!! Two moves later, the Elder's Quorum/Home Teachers/Visiting Teachers of two different wards are USELESS. That's why the movers were such a great idea!! Why? Why won't the Elders quorum just show up when their supposed to, why?

So angry. Thinking of making Drek quit. I think we should open up an oragnic fruit orchard. That would be amazing.

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