Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Are You Doing Here? You Invited Me. I Never Thought for a Second You'd Be Stupid Enough to Come! Well That Makes You a Tease

SunLand has the best weather, period. It is so great, it makes everything here awesome. Very awesome. The air smells...delicious. All the time. The flowers here make the air small amazing. I love breathing here. Is that weird?

I went running this morning in the amazing air. Hooray! I haven't been running in over a month. Eek. I'm back with zero lung capacity and all fat and no muscles. But today was amazing. I ran barefoot (for the first time since I was small), I ran in the most perfect weather, I ran through a park, I ran down a hill with the most amazing view and I loved every minute of it. I'm starting back at two miles, but by November I'll be up to twenty-six miles.

At the end of my run I was in my apartment complex's parking lot when two guys rushed across in front of me to their car. I stopped and went back.
"Are you missionaries?" I asked. They look surprised, but answered that they were. We chatted for a few seconds and I told them they should come over for dinner sometime since they live in the same complex. One of them perked up and said "Well, actually, we don't have a dinner planned for tonight, can we come at five?" So the missionaries are coming over for dinner! Here I am, first week living in the mission field and I will have already found and fed the missionaries! How great is that?!

We went to a grocery store last night. They sold avocados five for a dollar. I almost melted of sheer joy right then and there. The sad part was this morning when we went to the farmer's market and discovered that everything is more expensive than at the store. I'm very upset, but have some more ideas.

Drek found a frisbee golf course not far from our house. He's there right now. He's very happy.

Oh! and we won a raffle at our apartment's crime prevention social. We won fifty dollars of our next rent payment! Things are going very well. I'm excited to be here. We haven't been swimming yet, or to the beach, but we will. We have lots of time.

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