Friday, July 09, 2010

We're using a U-haul. Drek's Brother-in-law will drive it so Drek and I can be in the same car. We're leaving a few days earlier so we can take the drive in three shifts. I will pack the U-haul myself. I will not ask for help. I simply cannot do it this time. Besides, we have a whole day to pack the too-small-to-be-very-heavy banana boxes onto the truck so I can take my time. It will be great.

When I first moved to Burgville, I thought it would be clench-your-teeth-and-bear-it kind of thing. Burgville represented everything I hate: the cold, the gleeful killing of wolves, no recycling, and a horrible, passionate, love affair with those stupid nursing covers.

And yet, I love it here. I've loved from the beginning. I love the small town feel. I love that there just aren't enough traffic lights to delay you from your destination for more than a few minutes. I love that I can walk to the grocery store, the library, and the park. I love how friendly everyone is, how many runners live here, and that there are always lots of families at the park on a warm day. I love the fresh spring water that comes out of our tap. I love running along the beautiful rivers and seeing all the gorgeous colors. I love all the activities that this city sponsors, most of them in the park across the street. I love that I can get free books for Ash, fresh farm fruits and vegetables from the co-op and raw milk from that was milked from a cow a few hours earlier. I love saving all my burnables in boxes so I can take them out and burn them in a massive bonfire. I love my ward. I love my neighbors. I love the girls-night-out group, the LLL group, and the One Wonderful Wednesday group. I love learning Spanish from my wonderful Spanish teacher. I love going to the productions at the local university. I love that Drek loves his job and that Ash has so many kids to play with.

It's true that Governor is still an evil, horrible person who loves killing wolves and hates recycling, and that it's mostly always cold here, and that people are ridiculously obsessed with those stupid nursing covers, but mostly I can ignore all that still and focus on the great things about this place. I'm so glad we moved here. I'm so grateful for all the people here. I will be sorry to leave this place behind.

I better not see a single one of those stupid nursing covers in SunLand.

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