Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That's True Dude, He's Worse Than Yoda.


Dear Damon and Carlton, (Because I'm sure you are avid readers of my blog)

Thank you so much for your talent and skill. I loved every second of your show. I also loved the last episode. It was well done, beautiful, heart-warming, tragic, and surprising. In a word; perfect.

Thank you for going through the effort to bring all the same actors back. It was awesome seeing Shannon and A.L. and Juliet, and of course, Charlie. Thank you for wrapping thing up with Libby, even though you never explained her back story. The only question I am left with is this;

You made the ending both very specific and very vague, to give closure to people but leave it open to their own beliefs. That being said, do you realize you made it very Mormon? Really. Everyone waiting together in either the church (if you were good) or whispering on the island (if you were bad) to go to the next place. Ben going where he felt comfortable, which was not with everyone else. People still having children and getting to raise them from the beginning. Couples are still married, families are still in-tact, relationships are still real. You mixed up a bunch of different concepts, but they are still there.

So, thank you. It was better than I hoped it would be.

And PS: Don't think I didn't notice Michael Giacchino holding a banjo. Very clever.

Also, "How're" is not a word. Yeash who does your editing?

And thus starts my new policy. Drek and I watch an awful lot of shows for not having television. We watch everything on Hulu via laptop, and follow quite a number of shows. However, with the finale of LOST, we are starting a "no Hulu" policy. Because really, how can you top that? We might pick up Castle when it comes back in the fall (because Nathan Fillion is my Felix Calahan) but other than that, I am feeling pretty good about leaving all my shows where they stand.

Of course, the new policy would be easier if my Library wasn't closed for another month (Worst. Library. Ever.) but I suppose I will just have to edit my novel until I can start reading again. It all works out.

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