Saturday, May 01, 2010

I Suppose the Life of an Anorexic Duck Doesn't Amount to Much in the Broad Scheme of Things.

Today is the first day of May. Guess what? It snowed.

Here was my morning;

I woke up (pump, of course) and got dressed to go running. Drek suggests we need more adventure and should explore one of the many caves in the area. We look up a few online and decide on a cave called the "Ice Cave." Doesn't that sound like so much fun? Anyway, as Drek calls Curtis and Anna, I change into cave-exploring clothes (thinking I will go running later that day). Before we leave, Drek does some more research and decides the Ice Cave might be a bad idea, because all the websites say four wheel drive is a must. Thus, we switch plans and decide to go to the Civil Defence Caves, thus named because the city thought it would be a good place for the entire city to live if the world was submerged in nuclear radiation.

And we're off to explore a cave. We got lost twice, but made it there in pretty good time. When we got to the entrance it was cold outside, so I bundled the baby up in a snow suit, thinking that once we got into the cave, it would warm up (after all, it was formed by lava, and you'd think if you're in a cave you're closer to the center of the earth, and this cave wasn't the Ice Cave, so this cave must be warm, right?)

The cave was a lot of fun.
The entrance was covered in rocks and boulders so climbing into the cave was actually the hardest part (keep in mind we have two infants and two children, it would have been a piece of cake by ourselves). The rest of the cave was mostly flat.

Inside the cave it was cold. VERY COLD. There is a lot of ice in the cave.
Drek took this picture. He thought the ice balls looked like ice slugs. I have to agree. Once we were deep inside the cave we played with glowsticks, had a small picnic, turned off all the lights and took a few pictures. Then we made our back to the entrance. The whole way I was secretly hoping it would magically be summer when we emerged. Alas, it was snowing.
Curses. The funny part was it was actually colder inside the cave than outside in the snow. Wow.

On the drive home I saw some sheep. I have seen sheep before, but I have never seen a whole herd of sheep before. I had to stop and take pictures!

There were two sheep dogs running around with them, they were the same dogs from Babe! I think they are Border Collies? It was pretty fun to watch.

It snowed for the rest of the day. Needless to say, I never went on my run.

I really don't think summer exists. I don't think it's possible for this city be above freezing for more than a few days. I have given up all hope.

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