Saturday, May 08, 2010

I Had to be Versed in All the Woodland Creatures

On Tuesday Toshi came over for dinner, so I decided it would be a good time to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I made from-scratch tortillas and black bean refried beans. We had burritos and virgin Margaritas for dinner!

It was really good. The next day I tried cooking with something called Quinoa, which is very healthy. It is also shockingly easy and delicious!

Friday was our ward's Cinco De Mayo party. It was a lot of fun. Anna and Curtis came with us. I made little tiny Apple Empanandas (everyone brought food to share). Besides that I had a lot of chips and a lot of very yummy dip (Anna made something called Cowboy Caviar, which was I could eat all day). Besides that, there was a little station where you could make your own quesadillas! It was so fun!

There were several little pinatas stuffed with candy for the children, and one huge, homemade "deer" pinata for the adults. I didn't bring my camera, which is a shame because this deer was something to behold. It was made out of cardboard boxes duct taped together, covered in carpet (fur? I guess?) and then plastic wrap. It had four THICK cardboard tubes for legs, little paper ears and eyes, and even plastic antlers. It was life-size. It was AMAZING! It was also near-imposable to break open.

Drek held the rope for the first little while and many, many adult men took their turn being blindfolded and going at it. At first they used a broomstick, then a wooden baseball bat, then a full-on metal bat, it still took forever to break the thing. Drek did a great job with the rope; he made it high, then low, most of the time the deer was attacking the person rather then the other way around! Drek even got his turn at whacking the thing. By the end, a few women tried to break it open, it went through a lot of people!

Drek scored us some chocolate bars once it did break open (risking his life among the crazed children, seriously, those children were both rabid and blood-thirsty. And there were HORDES of them) and when we opened the wrapper the chocolate was all in tiny pieces! That candy took a real beating!

Also, as a side note; the legs were filled with beef jerky instead of candy. Giggle giggle.

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