Saturday, May 08, 2010

Who Disturbs My Slumber

Today was our trip to the much anticipated Ice Caves. It was so much fun.

Drek stayed home with Ash, and Curtis stayed home with his baby, so it was just me, Anna, and cousins Ali and BJ. We got the directions out there, borrowed a jeep (for the 4-wheel drive) and we were off! We drove for about forty-five minutes, trying decide if the directions meant real cattle-guards or fake cattle guards and if cows are smart or dumb, but then we found the turn-off and started down a very bumpy dirt road. Three minutes later we come to a fork in the road. Oh noes! Do we go left, or right? Which one? So we called three different people, we text messaged, and we evaluated our choices. Twenty minutes later we still didn't have an answer so we guessed. A few feet later the two paths merged back into one. Wow.

But, we finally made it to the cave. Or rather, we made it to a hole in the ground, that looked like it might be the cave; I was suspicious. I went down the hole and yes, it does look like a cave, but it looks more like a slimy green den than an ice cave. Also there was a cow carcass rotting out in front. Gross.

So I gingerly went inside. Right in the entrance I found a plastic tube that said "Please help us keep the Ice Cave open by filling out this questionnaire!" Oh! What do you know? We ended up in the right place after all!

The cave was AMAZING!

It was a great cave; small spaces, large spaces, standing, crawling, climbing, it was great! It was also very, very beautiful. There was a lot of ice. A lot of ice. The floor was made of ice and a little bobsled rut had been melted in made it so you could just slide through most of it. So much fun! At the back of the cave (back meaning, you could not go farther, a great quality in a cave you feel more accomplished when you leave!) there was an ice slide. It was great.

Yes it was cold, but I was wearing three layers and thermals, so I was fine. However, if you feel so inclined to do the cave yourself, I would recommend gloves and waterproof pants. Wet jeans are no fun.

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