Friday, January 22, 2010

What Did the Snowman Say to the Other Snowman?

Drek's dream was to have the moving trucked packed with identical boxes. Each box the same size and shape as every other box. He decided banana boxes were the best way to accomplish this. The problem is that banana boxes come from grocery stores, and they don't break down. This means that the grocery store can't keep banana boxes. As soon as the box is empty, it is thrown out. Also, no one unloads bananas at one time, bananas are unboxed through out the day. It's tricky. So, we would call in the morning and ask them to save as many boxes as they could. We would drive down a few hours later and they were always kind enough to have around nine boxes waiting for us. Sometimes they would have seventeen, sometimes thy would only have three. It didn't take long for the produce workers to anticipate our needs and save the boxes for us without us calling. They would smile when we walked in and go get the stash. We became known as box lady and box man.

The final count is ninety-three banana boxes. And also four non-banana boxes. Of those four, two are plastic tubs, one is a box full of files and one is a special insulated box for china. I think we won the box game.

To answer the title; Desmond finally tells boxman: "Smells like carrots." Other answers are "Freeze!," "Chill," "Ice to see you!," and "We're stuck in a bloody snow globe!"

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