Friday, January 01, 2010

Maybe We Could Get Unstuck in the Present

I have always wanted to attend a New Year's Eve party. A real party, not just family gathered around talking about goals and watching the fireworks on TV. Alas, I was too young to go to the stake New Year's Eve parties, and by the time I was old enough they didn't have them. Ever. Until I was too old.

Most years I hang out with family. I have a good time, but it's never a party, and every year at midnight I feel slightly disappointed. One year I spent midnight in a crappy restaurant with my head bowed, trying not to cry into my drink (it's a very long and complicated story). It was the worst holiday ever. Ever since then, I associate New Year's Eve with Worst Holiday Ever.

This year looked like it wasn't going to be any different. I planned for Drek and I to head to a parent's house and play games, set goals, mingle and leave at 12:01. Nothing fancy. An enjoyable night, but not a great one.

Drek had a different idea. Right after Christmas he started complaining about all the driving we were doing. And he just kept complaining. At the same time, I had lunch with two of my friends. One friend was complaining about how she would spend New Year's Eve at bars with people she didn't like who would yell at her for nursing a beer instead of getting plastered. Wow. That sounds like so much fun. I took the two complaints and got an idea. I would throw a New Year's Eve party! That way people would come to us, we wouldn't drive so Drek would be happy, I would invite my friend so she wouldn't have to drink, and I would have spend New Year's Eve at an actual party! I texted a list of people from my new, awesome iphone and ten minutes later I had a guest list of ten plus people. Huzzah! I went on to invite another friend whom I was afraid would end up at a bar. He texted back immediately saying he would love to come and he was bringing his vegan girlfriend.

So, the next day (New Year's Eve Eve) I planned vegan and vegetarian hor d'ourves and went shopping for the ingredients. In the end, There were only a few vegan treats, but she turned out to be a vegetarian who eats vegan when convenient, so it was ok. On the menu: Seven layer dip, Chips, Chili cheese dip (vegan), Mini burgers (vegan), Apple pie cups, Pumpkin pie, Chocolate mouse (vegan), virgin strawberry and cherry daiquiris and various snack-y items. I didn't want to buy a lot of sparkling cider and I wasn't sure how many people were coming, so I asked everyone to bring a sparkling drink (we had plenty at midnight!). I loved planning and cooking the vegan stuff. I had so much fun. The best was the chocolate moose, which I made everyone try and guess what was in it. Everyone said they like it, there were a lot of guesses, but no one figured out the main ingredient; Avocados! Giggle giggle. So yummy.

Anyway, Ismael was the first to show up. He said he didn't bring a drink, but he had brought a present for me; The two CD's of Glee songs! Before he arrived I had actually been listening to the songs on Hulu, and he had brought me all the songs and I could listen to them from itunes. Hooray!!! The other guests trickled in (except my friend who inspired the party, she still decided to go out to a bar) including Alexis, back from China! Welcome back! Also there was John, whom I haven't since before he left on a mission to Mexico. We played a lot of games (including some very fun rounds of werewolf. I won every round.) until we began the countdown! By that time everyone had a sparkling drink in a fancy glass goblet and everyone was laughing and joking and creating a load ruckus. At midnight I kissed Drek and clinked glasses with everyone and really had a wonderful time. The party continued on and the last guest left about two. It was an awesome party, my favorite New Year's Eve ever.

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade, everyone!

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