Saturday, January 09, 2010

I Just Need Something to Receive Email. You'll Need a Top-of-the-Line Machine For That

Poor Annette. The backlight went out on Saturday. It's a small part so I thought it wouldn't cost that much to replace. I took her in to a Mac store on Monday. They told me it was a simple part, but in order to get to it they had to go through the screen. Total cost = $500.

What the what!!? That's half of a new one! Not doing that. So I took my poor Annette away from the store and contemplated switching to a PC (shudder), but of course I would run Linux on it. Of course.

I called Drek and he reminded me that we covered our laptops with insurance. I called the insurance company and sure enough, they will pay for the repair! Well, half of it. The deductible is $250, but they will pay the other $250! Huzzah!

I took Annette back to the Mac store and explained the plan: They needed to fax the insurance company a repair cost estimate form and then call me. They did. I called the insurance and they told me that the cost was approved and to go ahead and repair my poor Annette. I called the store back, but they were closed for the night. On Tuesday I called again, but they weren't open, so I left a message telling them to repair my laptop. Later that day I called back, but it went to voicemail because they were busy. I left another message. Wednesday I called again, they were still busy so I left a message. Thursday, same thing. Friday I called again. They answered! I asked them if they were done fixing Annette "Uh, we were waiting for the go ahead, we haven't even started."


Not having a laptop is KILLING ME! I told them to fix it. They said it would be done on Wednesday. ELEVEN DAYS AFTER IT BROKE. Stupid not checking your voicemail. grumble grumble stupid store.

Anyway, My wonderful husband gave me an iphone for Christmas, so I've been using that. It is more difficult to do things on a iphone, and you can't post a blog entry from an iphone. You can post a title, but not an entry. Also, it's difficult to write a novel on a smartphone.

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