Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Have Internets!

Finally. I don't even know where to start.

The move went great. Friday night Ismail and Ben and Yelli came over and helped us move some of the bigger stuff into the truck. They were so wonderful to come help us! The next morning everything was ready to go! We actually had a few people from the ward show up (I know, I was shocked too) and Drek's family was wonderful and came. We got it done less than an hour! The truck was loaded, the donuts were consumed and we cleaned a little before saying our goodbyes and leaving.

The drive was actually fine. Acouchi rode with Drek in the Uhaul. Drek said she meowed for the first three hours before her voice left and she couldn't meow anymore. She was not happy. Ash rode with me and woke up about an hour in to the drive. We pulled over and tried to entertain her, change her and give her a bottle, but in the end she just screamed for ten minutes before falling asleep for the rest of the ride. She does not like her car seat. Poor thing.

The fish are still alive. Acouchi likes to drink from their bowl, but doesn't want to eat them. Mmmmm! Fish flavored water! So we packed the fish up in the car and took them along. They didn't make a single peep the whole ride up.

We made it here safely, and in great time. We got here and Curtis had arranged for all the cousins to come help us unload. Mei-mei also brought a few people to help. We unloaded really quickly and Drek and I felt so welcome! It was so wonderful to have support on both ends. People were so wonderful to help us.

Our downstairs neighbors are wonderful. They have four kids, the oldest one being seven, the youngest one being a few months older than Ash. I love them. They love Acouchi. They are letting us borrow their Internet until ours is set-up (scheduled for Feb 4, two weeks AFTER we called them and two days after LOST season six premiers *whine*). I love the mom. She is so very wonderful.

On Saturday we went to bed very tired and Acouchi went to bed very angry. Sunday morning we woke up and Acouchi was in a great mood. She decided she loves the new house and maybe the move wasn't so bad after all. We went to church and the ward was surprisingly friendly. I', not sure if it's the ward or that making friends is easier when you have a kid, but either way, we feel very welcome here. After church we checked Drek's phone (mine is still lost) and discovered three missed calls telling us that Anna was having her baby!! I have a new niece! She is tiny, but doing well. Ash got to see her new cousin and I got to see my new niece through the little window in the hospital. She's still in the NICU so I haven't got to hold her yet, but she is doing well and should be out soon!

So here we are. We have been in our house for a week and one day. The only rooms I can say are officially unpacked are the kitchen and the living room. Upacking is more difficult with a baby. But we are safe, warm, and happy.

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