Friday, January 15, 2010

Are You Watching Closely?

I love my wonderful husband so, so much. He is amazing and wonderful.

Drek's family has a low tolerance for self pity. They also have a low tolerance for bad moods. I love this about them. I love this about Drek. He is rarely in a bad mood. Since being married to him, he has really changed my outlook on life and attitude. I feel I am a happier person because of him.

When he was young, if someone in his family was in a bad mood, the children would gather around that person and say "you're a gazelle" over and over again. I know, weird, but his family is always in a good mood, so it must have worked.

My mother gave me a piece of workout equipment. I can use it to run indoors when it is too cold to run outside. It is called a gazelle. Also, keep in mind that I like to make "your mom" and "your face" jokes, along with "you're a insert last word said here" jokes.

Drek and I are discussing our plans for tomorrow. I tell him he needs to move the gazelle. He pauses. "The what?" He asks.
"The gazelle." I answer.
"What's a gazelle?" He asks.
"You're a gazelle!" I laugh hysterically. The set-up was flawless. Drek was not impressed.

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