Sunday, January 10, 2010

But Where Will We Live? Hmm, Don't Know Don't Care

Wednesday was a fun day. I played with Ash, cleaned a little, and Val came over to play some games before she leaves forever to Sweden. After playing two games of Dominion, I went upstairs to see if Drek wanted to play a game with us. As I walked into his office and looked up and asked; "Are you ready to go?"
I paused. "Um, go where?"
"To Idaho, we're leaving in fifteen minutes." He answered. Ah yes, now I remember. That's what I was supposed to be doing today; packing. Whoops.
So, of course, I go downstairs and play another game of Dominion. Of course.

Idaho was a lot of fun. We stayed less than twenty-four hours so I didn't really need to do a lot of packing. We went up there so Drek could interview with a CEO of a robotics company. Here are the highlights of the trip;
It was insanely cold.
The Library is six minutes away from the place Drek was interviewing.
The interview only took six minutes.
Drek was offered the job.
Drek accepted the job (without talking to me. Yeesh.)
We are moving in two weeks.

Also, Drek has this vision of a moving truck packed with same size boxes. His dream is to move using only banana boxes. Do you have any idea how hard is to collect hundreds of banana boxes?

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