Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This Is Like One Of Those Buddy-Cop Movies Where You're The Hard-Nosed FBI Agent And I'm The Guy Who Hates Buddy-Cop Movies

Today has been a lot of fun. I started out the day by having what I think is a brilliant marketing idea for my work. I talked it over with Drek and then emailed the idea to my manager. I hope she thinks it's a good idea. If not, meh. I don't get paid for ideas or off of commission. I just want the store to do well.

Krisling and I went on a picnic to the park. This was a huge success. Not only did we have a good time, but Krising is amazing at making new mommy-friends. She talked to this women who has a baby and is pregnant with her second, due in August. After talking they exchanged phone numbers so they could get together again. I am still in shock (can you really make friends just by having kids?). Afterwards we went to the library and to Petsmart. It was a lot of fun.

When I got home Drek and I finally moved out furniture back into place (after moving it out of the way for the carpet cleaners last week). I'm trying to make the house look AMAZING because our landlord is coming next week to install a garage door opener (yeah!).

I also made dinner. I had found this recipe for lobster sandwiches that sounded ok but looked amazing. I tweaked it and made crab sandwiches and I loved it, and Drek thought it was decent for crab. It looked fantastic, anyway.

I then got on my computer and had an hour long conversation via skype with Rissy. I love the internets so hard. I had a wonderful time catching up with her and we talked a lot about plans for the new Saboteur game we are doing in August. It will be amazing! We came up with some really good ideas. Really good.

Drek and I snuggled while we watched the "Briar Rose" episode of Dollhouse. I think it so funny! I'm glad Drek thought so too.

Acouchi goes in for tests tomorrow. I think this means I can touch her tomorrow. That just makes this day all the better.

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