Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Every Man For Himself. And Every Woman For Himself Too.

Today I went to the bank to drop off my paycheck in my account and Drek's paycheck in his account. I went through the drive-through (drive-thru?) and sent off the checks through the little container thing. The teller asked me via intercom what I needed done, I explained that the account numbers were on back an just needed them deposited (Easy. I do this every two weeks).

She did stuff on her computer and sent me two receipts via the little container thing. I took out the receipts, looked at them, and became confused. Drek's seemed right. But unless my check had a few invisible digits on it, this was not my account. I then looked at the name; George E. Baily*. I paused and then pushed the "call" button. The teller came over the intercom. I explained that I was not George E. Baily and I may have given her the wrong account number. I then verbally told her the correct number. She said that is what I had written down, she must have punched it in wrong. She apologized and said she would fix it. So I sent that receipt back through the container and waited while she did stuff on her computer. She then sent me a receipt. I looked at it. It still said George E. Baily. I pressed the "call" button again. I asked for a receipt to my account. She was confused, thinking that was what she had sent me. She then realized she had gotten the two account mixed up and had taken the amount for the check out of my account and added it to George E. Baily's account. I now had negative the check amount, and George E. Baily had double the check amount. At this point I suspected the teller of being Mrs. George E. Baily, but I didn't say that. I just sent the receipt back and waited. Another receipt came back, this time reflecting the correct account and the correct amount.

So, I apologize, George E. Baily. You could have just gotten free money, but I wanted my paycheck. Besides, according to your bank balance, you seem to be doing pretty well on your own.

*Name has been changed.

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