Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fine. Give Me Your "Even Better Than Coffee" Substitute.

Today was supposed to be Starbucks day. I got all excited when I got a coupon for a free pastry with the purchase of a drink at Starbucks. I got two coupons, one for Drek and one for me, looked up the closest Starbucks to our house and was all excited for the yummy breakfast. I've only had Starbucks hot chocolate once, but I remember it being AMAZING! And, Starbucks now serves smoothies so I knew there was something for Drek.

Drek said no. "Avoid the appearance of evil". On the list of Topics We Argue About, that is number two (The Word of Wisdom being number one). When I say "argue", I mean Drek presents his side, I present mine. He counters, I counter. He finds flaws in my counter, I find flaws in his. He cites scripture, I cite scripture. He quotes a prophet, I ask him where that quote is written. We both stick to our side and no opinions are changed.

We argued about this last night. I was going to go by myself, but it's no fun to spend money alone. So this morning I got up, looked up a recipe for Apple Strudel, baked one from scratch and mixed myself a delicious cup of Ghirdeli's Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate. It was an amazing breakfast and I didn't have to pay someone else to make it.

But I will say for the record my making breakfast rather than going to Starbucks is a sign of me hating to spend money on stuff I can make and NOT me admitting defeat to Drek and/or saying Drek is right.

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