Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Everybody Has a Boss, Elsa.

I'm done with work!! Yesterday was officially my last day!! I am now, officially, self-employed!! I have my own business and I am my own boss!! Hooray!! Look at all the double exclamation marks I'm using!!

Dear Boss,

I am an excellent, very hard-working employee. As a human being, I look out for what's best for me, but as an employee I am always wanting to do what is best for the business, sometimes at my own cost. I am always trying to improve the workplace and make the business run smoother, better, more efficiently and more productively. I want to make my boss happy! I thrive on compliments and responsibility. I promise to always give my best for you and to always give my best to the business. Together, we will make this business thrive!

Dear Employee,

I am a great boss. As the CEO of a business, I look out for what's best for the business, but as a boss I also want what is best for my employee. I know that without the employee, the business will go nowhere. I will work hard for your loyalty and support, because if you want the business to be successful, it will be! I promise to listen to your ideas and suggestions. I promise to never take out money from your paycheck without telling you. I promise to pay you what I promised to pay you. I promise to not look for every little way to make you make less money. I promise to not scam good people and then blame you for it. I promise not to lie to you. I promise not to try and scam you. I understand that if I hurt you, I am only hurting the business and myself. Together, we will make this company thrive!

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