Wednesday, July 08, 2009

We'll Shine Together, Told You I'd be Here Forever

Drek and I have been married for two years!! It's gone by so fast!

We had a wonderful anniversary! It seemed to have a lot of really fancy food, so that is the part I will focus on. That morning I made fruit and cream for breakfast.
We ate just after out landlord showed up to start installing our garage door opener (very excited to have this installed!).

Drek has to work for a little bit but finally it was time for his lunch break so we dressed up in fancy clothes and went to a very fancy restaurant. I had made reservations the day before and I was glad I did! They seated us right next to the window to we had a beautiful view while we ate. Drek ordered the Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken: Chicken Breast, Shaved Prosciutto Ham, Swiss Cheese, Basmati Rice, and Vegetables of Season, and I ordered Cheese Tortellini: Three-Cheese Tortellini Pasta Served with Mushrooms in a Light Cream Sauce with Asaigo cheese topping. It was so good! We ordered the German Chocolate Cake for dessert and that was the most yummiest of all. The fun part was really the experience. It was fun to have three different waiters, two different forks and three different spoons.

After lunch we went to a place where you can rent board games. We rented two games; Ninja Versus Ninja and Zerts. The first game is really fun and quick, while the other game is easy to learn but is a very complicated strategy game. Acouchi especially liked the Ninja Versus Ninja game; the ninjas are little 3D action figures and she liked to knock them off the board while we were playing.

After Drek got off work for the day we went to go see Up in the theatre. I had free passes so we didn't mind not waiting for it to get to the dollar theatre. It was a cute movie. I really liked Doug.

For dinner I took Drek on a picnic. My attempt for dinner was to make a super fancy meal, so I made the fanciest thing I could think of: Lobster Tails. As side dishes we had vegetable pasta in lemon and rosemary sauce and a light carrot salad. The picnic was wonderful. It was here that I gave Drek his presents (a DVD and tickets to go see The Scarlet Pimpernel). When we got home Drek game me my presents (Pyrex dishes and Ghirardelli double chocolate hot chocolate!!) We watched the DVD while we curled up together with the hot chocolate.
Happy anniversary, Babe. I love you with my whole heart!

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