Tuesday, July 28, 2009

But Like He Did So Long Ago In Jericho God Just Made A Wall Fall Down

Acouchi's thyroid levels right before she got her first treatment was 38. That is high. So high, no one seemed to have experience dealing with a level that high. One month after her treatment, it came down to 26. 26 is a level they had seen before. They seemed much more comfortable with that level. The number it needs to be is 1.

Yesterday morning I took Acouchi to the animal hospital to get her blood drawn so her thyroid levels could be tested. They needed the exact number so they could give her another treatment of Radioactive Iodine today. She cried the whole way there.

I was supposed to take her in at 10am this morning and leave her there for round two. Once again she would have to stay for two weeks and then I couldn't touch her for 28 days.

I was woken up by a phone call. Acouchi's "surgeon" was on the phone. She said she had the results from the day before; Acouchi's thyroid levels are at 13.


She said the RIT can keep working up to three months after the original injection. She's never seen it bring it down this far, usually the level at the one month mark is the level it stays. But Acouchi seems to be doing to well that now we're going to wait the full three months. Maybe it will get itself back to 1!

Acouchi is happy. I gave her tuna this morning to celebrate. I think I'll make Drek catch a grasshopper for her to chase. She thinks today is the best day ever. It is.

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