Monday, August 03, 2009

Were There Space Monkeys? Some Terrifying Space Monkeys Maybe Got Loose?

More big projects! This time, I am trying to get me office ready. It needs to be a room for massage and infant massage classes. I received these wonderful window/mirror things and they seemed perfect, just in need of a coat of paint.

Wouldn't you know it, I found a place that would give me free paint. It was only a pint, but it was more than enough. Here is the my office before I started the project;
A close-up of the mirrors (Can you spot the sneaky cat who knows she is not supposed to be in my office?)
I taped up all the mirror-parts so I wouldn't get paint on them. I used cut up plastic bags and masking tape. This was the longest part of the project, but I am very messy, so it was vital.
I did one coat of paint and then turned them upside down so I could do another.
Drek helped me hang them. I think they are wonderful! A fantastic start, anyway!

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