Thursday, August 13, 2009

Look Like They've Jerry-Rigged it With a Pressure Catch. We Could Probably Bypass That Easy.

For the last few months my remote key for my car has been broken. The lock, the trunk, and the alarm buttons all work, but the unlock button does not. It is frustrating to to have to resort to the old fashioned sticking-they-key-in-the-lock way of unlocking the door after being able to get close to the car, push a button and voila! Oh, the hardships.

I have not gotten it fixed because I am too lazy to figure out how. The Saturn dealership. . . left. I heard a rumour all of Saturn was shut down. Maybe not, maybe just our Saturn dealership? Anyway, so who would I go to? Is the government taking over Saturn warranties? Then would I take my key to my congressman? I am jut too lazy to find out.

Today I went over to my sister's house. My niece took my keys and began to push all the buttons. She does this every time she finds my keys. Usually we are too far away for her to set off the car alarm, so I don't see a problem with it. She can push those buttons to her little heart's content as far as I'm concerned.

Afterward, when I went out to the car, I pressed the unlock button out of habit. It worked! My two year old nice fixed my keys!! She's already a genius!

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