Thursday, August 27, 2009

Didn't Your Mother Ever Tell You Not To Play With Your Food?

Today I was sitting on my bed, singing songs and making exaggerated facial expressions (nine-month-olds are so much fun!!) when Drek comes upstairs and says "There is a mouse in the downstairs bathroom. It ran under the cupboard."

What?! Like a real mouse? Like a live mouse? Like a real live mouse? In our house? It took me a while to understand. Finally, Drek got it through my head that he saw a mouse in our downstairs bathroom and when the mouse saw Drek, it ran under the cupboard and got away.

Now this is a conundrum. I don't want to use a mousetrap; it might work and we don't want that! Should we call the landlord? We can't just let the mouse stay, can we? Maybe we could cohabit in peace?

Acouchi had a better idea. All those weeks of grasshopper-hunting were just getting her warmed up! This is the cupboard the mouse was hiding under:
Acouchi spent all afternoon guarding it:

In a flash of movement Acouchi has the mouse in her mouth! The game begins!
Acouchi is a fantastic mouser. She cornered the mouse and Drek was able to grab the mouse by its tail and we put it outside. Great job, Acouchi! You deserve a nap:

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