Monday, August 24, 2009

Snow Cone? Don't Worry. It's Lemon.

Saturday night was our neighborhood block party. We had gotten a flyer advertising the event and had decided to go based on the words "free snowcones". What can I say? Drek really likes snowcones.

Anyway, besides the flyer, there wasn't much else in way of letting us know this event was going on. Because of this, I had assumed it would be a small, mostly forgotten get-together.

I was wrong. Very wrong. Apparently, this neighborhood takes their block parties seriously. Very seriously. There were blow up slides and bounces houses and a blow-up jousting thing. There was a live band and three dinner buffet tables. Hundreds of chairs were set out on the lawns and hundreds of people showed up.

It was fun to talk with the neighbors. Judging by their conversation this block party thing has been a tradition forever. If you miss it I think you are thrown out of the neighborhood. Good thing they had they snowcones.

Hamburgers were supplied by...well, whoever threw the party I guess, as was the cotton candy and the snow cones, but everyone was supposed to bring something depending on your last name. If you were A-H you brought drinks, if you were I-P you were supposed to bring dessert...That sort of thing. There was so much food! One I was done with dinner, I started eying the dessert table. What did I see? A store-bought container of pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies! Pumpkin-chocolate-chip are my favorite!! Alas, on top of the container was a box of donuts, and I could not figure out how to move the box and get a cookie while looking casual. I walked up and down the dessert table a few times, trying to find a spare space to set the donuts on, but could not. Too many desserts. I finally gave up, got myself an oatmeal cookie (that was amazingly good) and went back to Drek. As soon as I got there I noticed another family arriving at the party with another container of store-bought pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies. Huzzah!

A few minutes later I walked back to the dessert table to get my cookie. To my surprise, there were now four containers of store-bought pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies opened and waiting. Hmmm... must have been a sale. I put two on my plate and rejoined Drek. While I was walking toward him, another family was bring another dessert to the dessert table. Can you guess what the dessert was? That's right! Yet another container of store-bought pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies. A while later it was time for Drek and I to leave the wonderful party. On our way out we passed a latecomer with more store-bought pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies. That must have been some sale. Or maybe it's part of the neighborhood tradition.

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