Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Do You See? Clouds . . .Strange Clouds

I love summer. I LOVE it. I love not wearing shoes, I love not wearing a coat, I love not being cold.

I love the feeling I get when I get into a car that's been outside in the hot sun: It's like goosebumps but not quite, more like waves of super-hot air. I love that it sucks all the cold out of my body. Afterward not only do I feel warm, but cleaner.

I also love the rain. I love rainstorms, I love rainclouds. I have loved the storms we've has lately, not only does our garden get watered, but it makes everything green. I love how storm clouds look against the mountains. I will never get over how beautiful the mountains are.

Friday night I looked out our bedroom window and saw the most breathtaking double rainbow back dropped by the mountains. Kris said in ended in her backyard. I just found out the Drek saw another double rainbow four hours away on his canyoneering trip.

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