Monday, June 22, 2009

Everything's Shiny, Captain. Not to Fret

Happy Father's Day yesterday!

Drek and I got to spend time with both of our dads. We also got to spend time together, which was a lot of fun. The day started out hectic, but ended really well.

We thought we were supposed to give talks in Sacrament meeting. We also thought that the primary was singing in sacrament, we had to give our normal lesson, AND we had sharing time. That's two lessons, two talks (one for Drek, one for me) and a song. Oh, and it was Drek's first Father's Day (as an almost-father? Close enough!) and I wanted to do something special for Drek.

The day before Drek had realized that we were one week off on the sharing time; we were supposed to do sharing time the week AFTER Father's Day. Phew! That made it a lot easier.

Father's Day morning I made Crepes for Drek just the way he likes them while he edited his Sacrament talk. We ate breakfast, I gave him his present, we got ready for church and left. As we arrived at church I checked the program. To my surprise we were not listed as the speakers. Drek asked the counselor about this. He said we were scheduled for next week and "we must have told you wrong." Yeah, thanks. I would like to take this moment to point out that we moved into the ward on March 1st. We have yet to be assigned home teaching or visiting routes or home or visiting teachers. The Relief Society President told me the second week in March that she wanted to come to my house to meet with me. She has yet to show up to a time we arrange. We were called as Primary teachers for the six-year-olds, but always end up teaching the five-year olds and a four-year-old in addition to our class because they can't seem to get another teacher. I understand that God's perfect work is carried out by imperfect people, but would it kill this ward to have a little organization? Still, they could be worse. I half-expected to walk into primary and be told this WAS our week for sharing time and "we must have told you wrong." Thanks goodness that was not the case.

So next week we have to give sacrament talks, a lesson (hopefully just to our class because I think they found a teacher?) and sharing time. Piece of cake.

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