Thursday, June 25, 2009

Come On Men! Nobody Lives Forever!

You know how it's really weird when one of your friends who is the same age as you gets married and it's shocking to realize that you could be getting married? Or when your friends who are the same age as you start going on missions, or having babies or buying houses or whatever and their actions somehow tell you that you are grown-up now and should also be doing grown-up things.

I remember going though through that when I started getting the wedding announcements of girls from my graduating class, or when I found out that a girl from my elementary school already had three children or when couples who were married the same year Drek and I was got divorced. I'm still disquieted when I think about a girl I grew up with dying in a car crash along with her husband and her unborn baby. It's as if somehow these things personally affect me, even if I hardly knew the person or if their circumstances were entirely different.

I went through that again yesterday, when one of my best friends from High School was shipped off to Basic Training for the Air Force. It's one thing to send a friend off on their honeymoon, it's another to end them off to war. He got married a year before I did and he already has two little girls. It's just so weird. And again, it's as if this is supposed to mean something to me, personally. As if this is a sign for me (or a warning?). I'm not really sure, it's just weird.

I just hope he comes home safe.

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