Saturday, February 28, 2009

You Could Do a Lot When You Got Such a Happy Little Tune to Hum

I am so stressed. Today is the day we are supposed to be out of the old apartment. I've gone over to clean before and after work for the last two days, but there just enough time! I've painted, vacuumed, scrubbed and polished, but I still need to clean the walls, the bathroom and clean the carpets. I work today (I was over there cleaning before work) and when I get off I'll go clean for two hours before I go to the hospital to see my dad (you can't visit between five and seven). I know cleaning the carpets is going to take more than two hours. Sigh.

Yesterday I got off of work an hour later so I only cleaned for an hour before going and seeing my dad. I didn't get back home to Draper until nine pm, I had a leftover enchiladas for dinner, glanced over and delighted in my new washer and dryer and then went to bed. My new house isn't unpacked at all. Life is killing me right now.

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