Friday, February 27, 2009

Lost and Insecure, You Found Me, You Found Me

Last night Drek and I went up to our new Townhouse and started unpacking. I unpacked the dishes that have been in storage for...four years now? Every little piece I unwrapped was like a Christmas present. After all they've been through, only one bowl was broken. I lamented that loss in full. It was very therapeutic. I ran them through the dishwasher and that was nice too.

Drek and I went grocery shopping and we held hands the whole time. I decided I was going to cook dinner so we got all the fixings for enchiladas. I made it when we got home and set up our table and then we had dinner at our table. We just pretended that everything was ok and things were normal. It helped a lot with my stress levels. It was a nice night.

Acouchi is adjusting well. We moved her up on Wednesday. She was really freaked out on the car ride up, even though I told her a million times that we were moving, we were all moving together and that she would love the new house. In the car she hid under my leg and we just snuggled.
We left her alone for the first night and when we got to the house she seemed to have adjusted quite well.

I started potty training her and so far so good!! Hopefully she'll be full trained in a few weeks!!

We decided Acouchi couldn't sleep with us anymore, so we have been keeping our bedroom door closed in hopes that she won't know that room exists. Last night was out first night at the townhouse and Acouchi figured out where we were. She cried at the door all night. ALL NIGHT.
That better stop. I think I'm going to tie a balloon to the door. She is terrified of balloons.

I really like our new place. I think it will work out great. Our new Washer and Dryer are being delivered today, I'm super excited about that. We should have Internet by next week and hopefully our landlord will approve the garage door opener. It will be nice to have Jasmine in the garage, in her own little room.

I go to working part-time in March. That will be a switch. I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping to really get my infant massage business going. When the Temple is finished I want to volunteer there once a week. That would be really nice.

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