Thursday, February 05, 2009

Really Bad Jet Lag Doesn't Make You Hemorrhage

I'm not really sore, proving the accident wasn't bad at all. I don't have any residual effects (besides Jasmine being banged up, but we'll fix that) that I know of. Well, I did have a nose bleed last night, and this morning, and then again this morning, and then one at lunch, but I think that might be because of the dry air and the fact I'm finally over my cold. Either that or I'm time traveling.

Speaking of which, LOST last night was fantastic. I don't want to give any spoilers, so let me just say that when a room burst into chants, cheers and then applause, it's a great episode.

My husband happens to be the best husband in the world. Yesterday for breakfast me, Drek, Kara and Jim went to the Bakery and then to Macey's for juice. My wonderful husband bought me three different containers of juice. They are delicious.

Most of yesterday was spent looking at a new apartment. We found a house we liked (it used to be an Army Bunker) and we'll see if that turns out. We have an appointment to see a Townhouse on Friday that I'm really hopeful about. We'll see.

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