Saturday, February 21, 2009

Please Won't You Be My Neighbor

In our really old four-plex that likes to sing, we have three neighbors: Smoker lady, living diagonal from us, single lady, living next door to us, and crazy lady, living under us. I could write novels about crazy lady. She is crazy. She is also number three on our list of "why we are moving."

A surprising plot twist happened today. This story is not about crazy lady, it is about smoker lady. I know; weird.

This morning Drek came out of the house to find smoker lady outside, smoking. She does this a lot. Thus, her name.
This time her hand was splinted and bandaged to an ice pack. "Hey! How are you?" Drek politely asks. Then he noticed her car. It looked like this:

The pictures make it hard to see, but every window on this car is shattered. This included the windshield. The tires are also slashed.

"What happened to your car?" Drek asked.

"Frustration." Smoker lady answered.

...Ok...reason number two on our list of "why we are moving."

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