Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Can You Flip It Right Now? We're Gonna Flip It Thursday. Or Friday. Or in November. Can You See It From Where You're At? Can I Come Down and Flip It?

SunLand lied. LIED.

It's supposed to be sunny! It's supposed to be warm! This is not warm! For the last week it has been cold. COLD!
I admit; it's not freezing, nor is it snowing, but I can see my breath when I walk outside and I have been wearing actual shoes for the last few days. All this would be fine, and perfectly bearable (I freely admit this is not nearly as bad as Burgville, or even HomeTown) but is made worse by a simple fact: My house is freezing.

It's designed to keep cool; in the summer we never used air conditioning and in the fall it was colder inside the house than outside. Now, it's cold outside and freezing inside. We didn't want to turn on the heat for two reasons: We didn't want to pay the bill and hello, we're in SunLand! We shouldn't HAVE to use heat. It's the principal of the thing!

So we nailed blankets over the walls to insulate, threw a few extra quilts on the bed, got out the heating pad, sweatshirts, fuzzy socks, and warm pajamas. We put Ash in thermals under her pajamas and banned short-sleeves. Even so, by Saturday, we were cold. VERY cold. So cold, I was longing for my awesome Burgville house with its radiant heat and toasty warm temperatures. In other words: it was so cold I wished I was in Burgville. That is freaking cold.

So we decided to turn on the heat. We looked around at the odd contraptions on our walls, puzzled over the fact that we never noticed we didn't have a thermostat and asked how to make it warm. The answer was basic: call the energy company and ask them to turn on the gas. So we did. They were very polite, agreed to come out, agreed not to charge us anything to come out, and then told us they would be here Wednesday.

"Wednesday? Um, can't you come sooner? It's really cold."
"Wednesday is the soonest we can come out to light your pilot light."
"Oh, is that all you do? Can we light it?"
"NO! Absolutely not! We must do it! We will be out Wednesday!"
"But it's cold now!"
"Maybe you should have thought of that four days ago."

The good news is today is Wednesday and the guy came while I was out taking Drek to work. He left a sign on the door that said he was there, and that he lit the pilot light. There is a new sound coming from the odd contraption on our wall, so I believe the sign. The bad news is I still have no idea how to make it warm. And maybe now I'm used to the cold so I don't want to! After all, this is SunLand. Maybe it will warm up soon...

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