Monday, November 29, 2010

The Things You Own End Up Owning You. It's Only After You Lose Everything That You're Free to do Anything

I had a Live Journal once. I created it back when I started this blog so I could comment on Live Journal posts. After a while, I started answering some of those questions that are supposed to inspire posts. Nothing deep, nothing extensive. I stuck with Blogger because Live Journal has mandatory ads, and with Blogger ads are optional. I really hate ads on the Internet. Actually, I hate ads period (commercialism is completely out of control. I cannot believe how attached to material things we, including me, are). I can't stand being bombarded with orders to buy things every time I turn on the radio, drive down the road or watch Hulu, but on the Internet, it's ten times worse because all the ads are of scantily clad "objects" and flashing banners. It's horrible.

About a year ago, I stopped posting on Live Journal, because every time I switched to a new page, a video playing a commercial would pop up that I had to watch before it "returned me to my live journal experience" and that was freaking annoying. But I kept my account and still commented on other's posts.

A few weeks ago I erased my LJ account completely because when I looked at any one else's LJ, it would show me that video. Hello! I don't have TV for a reason! I hate commercials! If I'm reading about other's lives, why do I care about Toyota technology? Anyway, I realized if I deleted my account, I could read Live Journals without the commercialism.

This left me without an account, and unable to post comments. And yet, I never remember that, so I'll write the comment, hit publish, and then it will come back and tell me it hates me because I hate it. It's a hate-hate relationship that works for us.

Yesterday I did this exact thing to my cousin's LJ. I wrote her an email with my comment and informed her that LJ is evil, and she should switch to Blogger. She wrote this awesome comeback:

Personally, while I love Google, I absolutely hate blogger. :-P And also, your journal doesn't accept comments at all!

Bah. Good point. Touche, cousin. Touche.

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