Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum

NanoWrimo is completed. I finished, hooray me. The result? Meh. It's done, that was the goal.

November was great: I joined Drek's writing group and I LOVE it. I learned to bake! I can now make bread and rolls that are light and fluffy. I can also make perfect fried scones and honey butter. We played a lot of Frisbee golf, went to the beach a few times, and drove a lot. I worked on NanoWrimo for three hours on a good day, two and a half hours usually, and half an hour on a bad day.

Things are back to a regular routine. After dinner last night (corn on the cob, mashed potatoes with miso gravy, homemade baked beans) Drek and I cleaned the house while listening to Christmas Music; It was just about a perfect evening. After Ash went to sleep Drek and I played my new obsession: Pandemic Bio-Terrorist. I really don't think its possible to win and my it's my obsession to prove otherwise. We added an extra rule (If the terrorists is captured he skips his next turn) and even though it made the game less frustrating, it didn't get a win. Last night I cheated by having two special abilities and I wasn't anywhere close to winning. We'll play again tonight and I have a new plan...

Winning isn't everything. Besides, if we win then the fun will be gone and Drek and I won't play two games every night. Maybe I'm secretly losing on purpose...

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