Friday, November 05, 2010

They'll be Singing a Different Tune. Double the Taxes! Triple the Taxes! Squeeze Every Last Drop Out of Those Insolent - Musical - Peasants

I'm done with my NaNoWriMo count for the day, so I get to blog.

Acouchi is sick. Again. I don't even know where to start.

Hey! Did you know that SunLand has a really bad flea problem? Every pet here has fleas, unless they are on monthly prevention medicine. Also, the fleas here are not only uniquely resilient to cold, heat, and...everything else, but have also developed an immunity to most flea poisons. You need the latest and greatest "wave" of flea treatments to keep you pet (and house, and bed, and clothes) flea-free.

GROSS!!!! Why don't they warn you about this when you move here?! But that is last week's news. Acouchi is now flea-free.

I took Acouchi to the vet today. I thought I had my mei tei and a stroller but I later realized both the Mei tei and stroller were in the car that Drek took to work.

I lashed the baby to my front with a wrap I haven't used since I got a Mei Tei. I wore her diaper bag/backpack on my back. I packed Acouchi up in the cat carrier and laid it in the jogging stroller, and then pushed the back down, so she would be level. And then I walked to the vet and back. I'm sure we were quite the sight.

So, the news is not good. Acouchi has never weighed so little. She's super skinny, and very lethargic. For the last two weeks I haven't seen her walk, let alone play.

It's the hyperthyroidism again, but now it could also be her kidneys and her heart. Today the vet says she has a heart murmur.

We did a blood test, we'll find out on Monday. If it's her heart and kidneys and her thyroid, there's nothing we can do. If it's just her thyroid, there is a clinic that does the RIT treatments, but last time I paid for it using the money I got from winning a massage chair. I don't have that money this time. I don't have any money this time since I don't have an income. As far as Drek's income goes; there's no question. We were making more back in Hometown, now we live in SunLand with a decrease in pay, and a HUGE increase in cost of living. It's not a question of extra money, we don't have any money.

I'm devastated. I...really, there are no words.

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