Sunday, December 26, 2010

Till, Ringing Singing, on its Way, The World Revolved From Night to Day

Christmas was great fun. Christmas morning was spent opening presents and stockings and hanging out with family. Christmas afternoon we went to my parent's house and opened more presents.

And then my dad and mom left to go the emergency room because they thought my dad has a blood clot in his leg and maybe his chest. He didn't, but in order to prove that the doctor exploded a vein in my dad's arm. They were in the hospital for about four hours before they could come home.

The day ended with a marshmallow gun fight.

Merry Christmas!!


  1. They exploded a vein... I guess even doctors are having to revert to theatric antics to promote business.

  2. Wow! Sounds exciting.
    Our day started by unwrapping a million presents, only salvaging about 30 bows and a few scraps of paper, throwing out 2 garbage bags full of scraps from the boys frantic pulling. Then on to eating a huge breakfast, which included delicious sausage from the market. Mmmm, those hogs tasted great. Afterwards, for most of the day, we kept the heat running and all the festive lights on, running up our electric bill and wasting energy galore. After much playing and overeating, we polluted the environment and wasted money that we dont have on gas driving around for nearly an hour (since the boys wanted more and more and more) looking at neighboring streets Christmas lights. Ah, yes, a day of slaughter, harming nature, and polluting our air. I thought of you often, but I enjoyed every second of it. No ER visits, but loads of fun memories. Cant wait til you get back!


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