Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How About You, You, You. You Can Come Too, Too, Too

Drek and I aren't fans of Christmas commercialism. In fact, Drek's least-favorite holiday is Christmas because it is so commercialized. This year we thought about what to get our one-year old for Christmas. We thought about books or clothes. We thought about a baby doll or a sled. We also thought about just giving her a giant box filled with used wrapping paper because, let's face it, that's what the kids have the most fun with, and she's only one so she won't be disappointed (or even remember the next day what she got).

Finally, we decided on a family year membership to a zoo. It's a gift she can enjoy all year long, plus we can go and spend time as a family, creating memories that (hopefully) she will remember for the rest of her life. Or, at the very least, at least she'll remember that mom and dad are fun to hang out with. I had an old stuffed Koala from my childhood, so we wrapped it up and stuck it under the tree to symbolize her gift.

And then we cheated. When our memberships came in the mail, I realized that they were not 2011 memberships, but annual memberships that start the day you buy them, and we bought ours on November 30th. That meant a whole month wasted! So we decided to open Ash's present early and go to the zoo.

It was the best thing ever!! We saw some fun animals;

We rode on the skyride;

And I got to touch a turtle!
I hope Ash is as happy with her present as I am.


  1. What a grand idea. My sister said the other day that even though we don't consciously remember what happens before age three or four, we are still taking in a lot of information that is the basis of later life. We are also building relationships and security.

  2. That is an awesome gift. I cannot wait to take Moo Moo to the zoo. We went to one in St. Louis as a kid, and I loved it.

  3. As I quoted to you before about why we do the things we do, even if they dont remember..."Because at that very moment, they know they are being loved". She might not remember the zoo at age 1, or 2, or even 3, but she will feel loved at that moment, as a family, in your arms, smiling, laughing. And those things WILL last a lifetime.


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