Sunday, December 05, 2010

Oh, Free Parking. Which, Coincidentally, is the Best Thing About Zombieland

We were lucky enough to be able to celebrate Drek's birthday on Saturday with a trip to:
(where we've never been) for the minimal fee of $12 for parking and the gas it took to drive there. Oh, I suppose the $3 for the ice cream cone we shared, but it was a big cone.

It was a good day to go; not to cold, not to hot, no long lines. There were small lines, but they were small. Sometimes we wore jackets, sometimes we took them off. It was nice.

The park was all decorated for Christmas.
And there were fish:
The fish were not made out of legos.
The Lego faces were so accurate that the camera thought these were real faces
Miniland was to much fun. Since we went at Christmas, they had added a few little things:

I really loved these guys:

They did this amazing super complicated version of the cup game.

Seriously, that is so cool. I really want to get a bunch of people together and play the cup game and learn how do this game with buckets. So cool.

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