Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Want Them to Help Themselves, to Know the Difference Between Right and Wrong Without Me Having to Tell Them

2010 resolutions:

-Speak fluent Spanish.
I admit, I cannot speak fluent Spanish. Even so, I don't consider this goal a failure. I made some great progress in this area: I found awesome Spanish websites, which I use. I found awesome Spanish CDs which I listen to in the car. I listen to a Spanish conference talk almost every day. I found an amazing Spanish teacher in Burgville and my Spanish improved leaps and bounds under private tutoring. Not only did she teach me Spanish verbs, a concept I had never dreamed of, but we became really good friends. One day I will go back and visit her and we sill hang out all day, only speaking Spanish.
I feel like my whole attitude towards Spanish has changed. While I set it as a goal before, I felt that it was unobtainable, that I would never really be able to speak Spanish. Now, thanks to my awesome Spanish teacher, I KNOW I can learn Spanish.
I never really though of Spanish as a beautiful language, only useful. That changed this year, thanks to one amazing episode and the incredible talent of Nestor Carbonell. Honestly I could listen to that man speak Spanish all day. All day every day. After that I love listening to Spanish no matter whose speaking. I think it's a beautiful language and I have huge respect for it. I didn't love Spanish before. I love learning Spanish now.
So, I may not speak Spanish fluently, but I'm getting there, and I did dream in Spanish, so I'll count that as a check.

-Run a marathon.
I did not. But I'm okay with that. I decided my goal was not to simply run a marathon, but to become a long distance runner. When I first decided to run a marathon, I thought it would be hard, I thought I would hate it, but in the end I could have something to brag about. This year taught me that I love running. Running is the fun part. I don't care about bragging, I don't care about completing a marathon, I just love to run. I am a runner. Check!

-Write a novel, edit a novel and publish a novel.
I wrote a novel. I am edited like mad, and am still editing. I joined a wonderful writing group that I love and they are helping me edit. I've also just started another tiny writing group specifically for editing our NaNoWrimo novels. I'll get there!

-Write in my gratitude journal everyday
I wrote in it twice. Fail.

-Index 1,000 documents.
I did exactly zero. Another fail.

My resolutions for 2011:

-Continue learning Spanish; be able to have unscripted Spanish conversation by 2012.
I love Spanish. I love listening to it, I love learning new words, I love stringing those words together to form sentences. I love learning Spanish and can't wait to learn more!

-Run a marathon.
I love to run. I love pushing myself in running. I can't wait to run farther and farther until I reach marathon distances!

-Edit my novel, then publish it.
Between my two writing groups, I know I will edit my novel. I will have it all edited by April, and then I will work on publishing it.

-Write a new novel
For NaNoWrimo. I already have an idea.

-Write in my gratitude journal everyday
I can do this! I will set it by my bed, and tie a pen to the journal. It will be the first thing I do every morning.

-Index 1,000 documents.
That's eighty-four per month. No problem!

Sell, give away or donate everything I don't use. My focus will be on experiences, not on material possessions. I will not buy it unless I NEED it. I will not keep it if it's not used at least once a month. For the entirety of 2011 I will not carry a credit card.

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  1. I love the idea to minimize. I draw the line at fabric though because lately I have taken up sewing again and I am using some of those pieces.

    Minimize: set a doable, concrete goal, like one item a day. I did three a day minimum in 2010 and it was so liberating! When we hit the garage it was often a dozen or more.

    It came time to move in July, unexpectedly, and what a blessing it was not to have to deal with (and move) all that stuff. We dumped off even more at that point, reducing our load from the two trucks of our move 2 years before to one truck. Still full-size, but I'm working on it.

    Even after I got here I sold a couch. It wouldn't fit up the narrow stairs, or in the living room.

    My goal shifted to unpacking and dealing with the boxes. I have not really missed much of what I gave away. Only the folding chairs. Sigh.

    I love the credit card idea. Shopping becomes planned, not impulse. We are seriously looking at Dave Ramsey's financial plan.

    Thanks for your blog and ideas!


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