Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh, That's Terrific! It Will Be Nice Working With Proper Villains Again

The post office opened at 8:30. I got there 8:10 hoping to avoid December lines, but to no avail; the line was already out the door. Thankfully the line was for the actual post office, and I needed to use the automated post office machine so I only had to wait a few minutes. I zipped through the machine and was back to my car in less than ten minutes. The post office hadn't even opened yet!

And then I realized I locked my keys in the car. Actually, I had locked Drek's keys in the car since my keys had been lost for a few days. It's a good think I had the baby on my back and not locked in her carseat.

So I called Drek, who couldn't really do anything. We do have a spare key for events such as this, but I lost that key a few months ago. Yeah, I bring these things upon myself. Drek did give the number for the sheirf's department, but SunLand Police cannot be bothered with trivial things like serving the public, so Drek got me the number for our car insurance company.

Miracle of miracles, our insurances covers roadside assistance. The girl called a locksmith for me, who came out in no time. He was polite, but focused. He didn't talk much so it took me a second to pick up on his accent. It sounded European, but it was hard to tell since he didn't say much. He pulled out his tools (which is just a glorified coat hanger) and set to work. He jammed a wedge into the window and stick the wire down into the door to fish for the lock. After a minute, he gave up, threw the tools aside, and pulled out what looked like a blood pressure cuff. He jammed it in the door, inflated it, and then stuck a thick pole with a right angle into the car and maneuvered it to press the "unlock" button. It took about thirty seconds. That's five minutes from the time he pulled up and less than two minutes once he got to work. He was a really pro. He was so good I almost asked him to join gang of car thieves that I'm creating because he just inspired me. Just give us an hour in the parking lot of a Target and we'd make a killing. How does one get into professionally breaking into cars anyway?

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