Thursday, March 12, 2009

Say Hello to iPhone

My phone is broken. Again. Sigh.

I was driving home on the freeway when traffic came to a sudden halt due to a tire in the road. I called 911 on my cell phone ("It's not an emergency, I just need to report a tire in the middle of the freeway"). I was transferred to Highway Patrol and my phone hung up on itself. I didn't want to call 911 again, so I called Goog411 to get the number for highway patrol. Goog411 hung up on me because it thought I was talking because my phone was making so much noise.

Later that day my friend from Philadelphia called. I had to end the call early, even though we only talk every few months and we had a lot to catch up on, because my phone was cutting in and out and I couldn't understand what he was saying and I was afraid it was something important.

I decide to have a talk with Drek. The problem is this: I don't want to buy an expensive phone. I will lose it. I don't want T-mobile to give me a phone, or they will me sign a contract. I can't buy another $24 phone from Wal Mart, this is my third one in five months.

When I broke my first T-mobile phone, I bought a $24 phone from Wal Mart. It was a brick, analog, and it is Super-Phone. After using it for a year, I gave it to Drek-my-boyfriend, so he could have a cell phone (or, make him use a cell phone. Mostly I gave it to him so I could call him.) That was three years ago. He is still using Super-Phone. It still works (so much better than my two-month-old phone). It picks up signals where digital phones cannot. It could survive the holocaust. I need another phone like this. Alas, they do not make them anymore.

I tell all this to Drek, and suggest getting a landline. I hate landlines, but it would be cheaper. We could lower our cell phone bill and you know I would never lose it. If there was an emergency, I couldn't call anyone if I was out and about, but I couldn't anyway, so why not?

Drek is quiet, and then says, "Well, my work is buying me an iPhone, so you can have Super-Phone."

I freak out. "When did you find this out?!"

"I wasn't going to tell you until it arrived."

Allow me to reiterate the important parts of this post. DREK HAS AN IPHONE!!

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