Friday, March 27, 2009

Also The Anniversary of The Day Drek Proposed

Yesterday was Drek's mom's birthday!! The family came up to our little townhouse to celebrate. I made homemade spinach and mushroom manicotti and bought some fancy Italian bread to go with it. For the cake we had cherry cream cake, it turned out better than I thought it would. As I was making it the thought occur ed to me that this was the second birthday cake I ever made. Really. I make Drek pies on his birthday, I made Josh green jello for his birthday, and the only other time I made a birthday cake, so did someone else so mine wasn't the birthday cake. I've bought a lot of birthday cakes, but the only other one I've ever made was Krisling's Star Wars Birthday cake. Weird.
Mom opened presents, including a digital picture frame from the family that took some work to put together:
We played a bunch of games. This was a very intense game of spoons:
It was so much fun! It was nice to have visitors to out little place, we don't get them very often.

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