Saturday, March 07, 2009

Guests is What I was About to Say But Now That You Mention it I Happen to Quite Like the Women of the Outback.

I finally watched Australia. It was good, it just wasn't Baz Luhrmann good. I liked it, but it wasn't stunningly brilliant and mesmerisingly beautiful and incredibly flawless like his other movies. Also, I still can't get over that she drowned in a water tower. How do you do that?

I was stunned at how much history it taught me. I knew nothing of Australia history, NOTHING. So it was educational. If not appalling. 1973? Really? And they only apologized in 2008? As in, when the film came out? Really? Australia, after that green New Year's party, you were #1 on my national list. Now you are #4. Shame on you.

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