Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hare Krishna, Hara Hara

The Festival of Colors, or Holi, is really big around here. I've wanted to go every year but I have never been able to. This year I was super excited to go!! Drek and I went together. We meant to be there at 4:00, but due to some extra-errand running and the ridiculous amounts of traffic, we parked the car at 4:45, and walked for 30 minutes before being greeted by this sight:
So many people!! We got there and the music was blaring, people were everywhere and right as we joined the crowd (before we had time to buy our own colors) it was time for the throwing of the colors!! Drek and I were right in the middle of it:

After we were covered in color, we went up to the second story balcony of the Temple to watch the crowd. Here is a video so you can feel like you were there:

We went and found the llamas, the zebus and the parrots.
This is me feeding a llama. Look how colored my hair is!!

Only then did we get food. 100% Indian, 100% vegetarian (I love religions that encourage vegetarianism, their food is the best).
What? You say it doesn't look very good? Indian food isn't pretty anyway, but there is just no pretty way to mix spinach and tofu.

We had so much fun!! The best part was just being with my wonderful husband. Even though it was a long walk to and from the car (again, traffic was ridiculous) it was wonderful to go on walks with him.

Drek's favorite part was the shower at the end of the day. He thought the amount of color in the water was really funny:

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